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Jon Bell is the freelance writer and editor to turn to when you need to share a message, tell a story, or simply turn brilliant thoughts into brilliant words.

  1. Features and News                                                            Business, Outdoors, Health Care, Homes, Sustainability, etc. . .

  2. Marketing                                                                          Copywriting for Newsletters, Brochures, Press Releases, etc. . .

Web Copywriting and Advertising

  Web Site copywriting, Ads, Direct Mail, Catalogs, etc. . .       

Social Media

    Blogging, Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Squidoo, Digg, etc. . .             


    Editing, Books, Scripts, Resumés, Letters, Ghostwriting, etc. . .

"No matter the job, Jon is our go-to when the work needs to be done right and done right away. He's reliable, professional, fast, and above all, he's a damned good writer." Brad Wurfel, Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland

At a loss for words?

Jon Bell Ink. When words simply cannot fail.


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